Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ozzie Guillen Commnets, Reaction, Supsension.

Ozzie Guillen has finally done it, said something he regrets. After years of saying outrages and outlandish things without thinking twice, hes finally said something that he will be thinking about for the rest of his life. Ozzzie Guillen, the coach of the MLB's Miami Marlins, a team whose fan base is largely of Cuban decent, said that he loves and respects the evil tyrant, Fidel Castro. His comments sent the people of Miami into an uproar. Guillen, immediately knew what he had done. Many Cuban fans are asking for their first year coach to be fired. And they have every right to think that. Given the market in which the Miami Marlins are in, those comments where the absolute worse thing he could have said. ESPN's Dan Lebatartd, made the comparison that Castro to Cuban's is what Hitler was to Jews.Whether or not you agree with this, you can certainly see the magnitude of the comments. On Tuesday Guillen flew back to Florida to apologize to the fans. For the first time in his life, he is sorry for something he has said. And he is really sorry for it. He realizes what he has said, and realizes he hurt a lot of people. And he is actually, and full heartily, sorry.  The apology that he issued on Tuesday, may not be enough for Miami's Cuban fans. Many still ask for him to be fire. If he were to be fired, I don't think anyone could argue that decision. Although, he wasn't. He was lucky and only suspended for five games. That may not be enough for some of his fans. But he still has his job, maybe not the respect from his fans. At this point, the only way for him to maybe regain some respect from some of these fans, is to bring this community a World Series.

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